As a general rule

No personal information is collected on our website unless you voluntarily provide it to us. The data you provide will only be used for the purposes indicated. Further use or transfer to third parties will not take place.

Was ist ein Cookie?

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your disk to store information. The server does not have direct access to the hard disk, but asks the browser to store the information for the next visit. The browser can only save data that it already knows. Some websites do not work without cookies.

Verwenden wir Cookies?

Do we use cookies?

Yes. Like almost all websites today, we use cookies. With us very few data are queried and stored, more below. Actually, only the language is queried and saved (English or German) and Wordpress looks to see if a user (an administrator) has logged in or not.

Welche Art von Cookies verwenden wir?

What kind of cookies do we use?

We only use mandatory cookies, without which the site would not work. We refrain from any analytical cookies (for example, traffic analysis, Google Analytics). Our cookies are only so-called "Functionality Cookies". These cookies are basically anonymous and store settings that make the page more enjoyable for you to use (such as the language setting).

Do I have to allow cookies to use the site?

No. You can disable cookies in your browser. However, some parts of our website may be somewhat limited (for example, your language preference will not be saved)

And what happens if I allow cookies?

If you use our website and have not previously disabled cookies in the browser, then you agree that cookies are stored on your data medium.

Social Media / Social Plug Ins

We do not use plug ins of known social platforms. However, we maintain our own pages on the respective platforms. More in our privacy policy.

The following cookies are used by us:

 _icl_current_language Get the browser language time: 24h
cookieconsent_status Checks if you have read the cookie disclaimer time: 1 Jahr
wordpress_test_cookie WordPress Test Cookie to test if Wordpress can apply cookies Session
wordpress_ Checks Wordpress User Zeit: Session
wp-settings- WordPress Informations for current session  Session
wp-settings-time- WordPress Informations for current session Session
wordpress_logged_in identifies logged in Wordpress user Session

How to deactivate Cookies:


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