p a n o r a m a 's atelier is located in Stuttgart, South-West Germany. It is jointly managed by Lukas Betzler, Simon Bork and Armin Roth. We mainly focus on creating visual identities via digital media, print products, environmental graphics and illustration. We care for a close cooperation with our clients who are cultural institutions, public authorities and private enterprises.

A deep understanding of our client’s background is essential for our design process. Connecting to the content and aims of a project leads us to effective design solutions. We value the functionality of a product as much as the creation of an emotional response. Our aim is to search for original and unconventional ideas, while our basic principles are simplicity and reduction.Besides concept and design, our work may include copy writing, brand naming and strategic consulting.

We dispose of specialized partners for production of print products, environmental graphics and coding. Because of our wide network of designers and partners of other professions, we are able to carry out complex commissions.



We develop unique visual identities for corporations, ads, products and events. We create analog and digital media and manage the production process.


Digital communication is substantial for every identity. We create concepts and designs for websites as well as user interface designs for apps and displays.


It is important for us that every printed product gets its very own characteristic finishing. We design books, art catalogues, brochures and magazines.


We have a wide variety of illustration styles to cover both single illustrations or illustration concepts. We also have a network of illustrators available to meet every demand that might occur, both analog and digital.Environmental Graphic Design

We plan way finding systems for buildings, environmental graphics for exhibitions and three-dimensional signage.




Lukas Betzler
Dipl. Designer, Partner

Lukas Betzler gathered experience in multiple agencies as freelancer and permanently employed graphic designer. For MetaDesign he worked among other things on the App design guidelines for Audi. For Design Hoch Drei, L2M3 and Jangled Nerves he cut his teeth doing Animation, Interactive-Design and Exhibition Design.

Simon Bork
Dipl. Designer, Partner

During his studies Simon Bork already worked as a colorist and consultant for big international comic publishers including Marvel, Image and UDON. He is our person in charge for illustrations and planing digital media and websites.

Armin Roth
Dipl. Designer, Partner

Before panorama was founded, Armin Roth was employed at Stuttgart based design studio L2M3 and created visual identities for cultural institutions like the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin. He specializes in typography and also takes care of photographic commissions.


  • Aranim Entertainment, Jordan
  • B612, Stuttgart
  • Baden-Württemberg International
  • Birnbaum Architekturfotografie
  • Brain Magazine, Japan
  • Bigfoot’s Tea Party, Glasgow
  • Capcom, Japan
  • Catja Baumann Coaching, Stuttgart
  • Cloud No. 7 Apartments
  • DC Comics, USA
  • Die Lichtfänger, Ulm
  • Eicher Werkstätten, Kernen
  • Felix W, Stuttgart
  • Fathom Interactive, Canada
  • Gutedort Textildesign, Stuttgart
  • i_d büro, Stuttgart
  • Image Comics, USA
  • Institut für Buchgestaltung und Medienentwicklung, ABK Stuttgart
  • Jaran Studios, USA
  • Jangled Nerves, Stuttgart
  • Kallias, Berlin
  • Kemojo Studios, Vancouver
  • Knudsen und Streuber Medienmanufaktur, Berlin
  • Konami, Japan
  • Kevin Kugel Chocolatier, Nufringen
  • Kunsthochschule Mainz
  • Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
  • Landesinstitut für Schulsport, Schulkunst und Schulmusik des Landes Baden-Württemberg
  • Marvel, USA
  • Monstertruck, Berlin
  • NAF, Stuttgart
  • Tanz- und Theaterfestival BW
  • Rocker 33, Stuttgart
  • Schæfer & Sœhne, Stuttgart
  • Sießener Schulen, Bad Saulgau
  • Staatstheater Stuttgart
  • Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart
  • Stadt Ellwangen
  • Studio Orel, Stuttgart
  • Theater Konstanz
  • Theater Rampe, Stuttgart
  • Udon Entertainment, USA
  • Universität Stuttgart
  • Von Heintschel webdevelopment, Stuttgart


  • BICeBé Biennial of Poster Bolivia 2019
  • BICeBé Biennial of Poster Bolivia 2017
  • Hong Kong International Poster Biennial 2017
  • Type Directors Club Tokyo 2017
  • Golden Bee Moscow, 2016
  • Art Directors Club Germany, Silver Nail, 2016
  • Type Directors Club New York, 2015
  • 15. International Biennial of Theater Posters, Rzeszow, Poland, 2015
  • Taiwan International Graphic Design Award 2015 (Special Jury Award)
  • 7th China International Poster Biennial 2015 (Selected Award)
  • Asia Next – Poster Experimental Design – Korea/China/Taiwan 2015
  • Trnava Poster Triennial 2015
  • International Poster Triennial in Toyama 2015
  • German Design Award Nominee 2016
  • La Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé 2015 (Winner: Political and Social Poster)
  • Type Directors Club New York 61
  • 24th Poster Biennale Warsaw 2014
  • Graphic Design Festival Schottland 2014
  • Golden Bee Moscow, 2014
  • 100 Beste Plakate 2014
  • Type Directors Club Tokyo 2014
  • Type Directors Club New York 58
  • Type Directors Club Tokyo 2012


  • TDC New York Typography 36, 2015
  • uniteedition typeplus 2014
  • 2014 (web, interview)
  • Brain Magazine Japan Sep. 2014 (interview)
  • 100 Beste Plakate 2014
  • Typographic Posters 2014 (web)
  • Type Directors Club Tokyo 2014
  • Type Directors Club New York 58
  • Type Directors Club Tokyo 2012
  • Slanted Blog Juni 2010 (web)
  • Slanted Magazine Nr.8, 2009


  • Design Center BW
  • Montage Reihe
  • Lions Club Stuttgart
  • University of Stuttgart, courses